Laser Welding Machine Procedures

Laser welding machineLaser welding machine mainly by the laser, power and control, cooling machine, light guide and focus, binocular stereo microscopic observation of several parts, compact structure, small size. Coaxial with the laser beam of the micro-coordinate instructions, making the work piece positioning is easy, does not require special fixture. Laser power, pulse frequency, pulse width can be preset and changed through the control panel. Power supply drawer structure, easy to remove, and thus the operation and maintenance of the device easy. Do not need to fill the solder; welding speed, reliable contacts, and the work piece deformation is small, beautiful shape. Visit Here:-

Welding metal pieces, in order to joint components, is Laser weldinga common solution in our customer’s procedures. Thus, we give more efficient and cost-effective solutions to manufacture processes that involve complex needs. To joint these components two types of laser welding can be used, depending on the angle and the pieces position, and these are overlap seam and Butt joint.Butt joint welding is used in accessible welding areas, and is the welding depth penetration which determines the resistance. Instead, Overlap welding is used to pass through materials, welding pieces in areas that are not accessible to other technologies. For this type of welding, is the heating cone section produced in the parts in contact that determinate the welding resistance.

Two Circular Pieces That are but Joint.

Laser welding machineDetail with three welding focus. The first welding (above) performs a butt joint welding on the outside of the piece and a overlap welding on the inside.

Main Features of Laser Welding Machine

1.      Key works such as ceramic laser cavity using internationally renowned manufacturers of products to ensure that the equipment of high reliability and high performance.

2.      Unique YAG crystal cooling method, improve the beam quality and xenon lamp life, reduce the use of costs.

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